The Caddo Bowie

The Caddo Bowie


Taking its name from the Caddo Wetlands, The Caddo Bowie is a classic frontier tool that has been a constant in this area since its settlement. Known for its harsh and prehistoric-looking bayous and swamps, this area has been the center of folklore and legend for generations. Caddo is home to such beasts as the Boggy Creek Monster, or as the French settlers called it, the Lougarou, and is habitat for alligators, cougar, coyotes, and things that go bump in the night. So when the men of this region went out to the swamp, you can bet they had a knife that gave them a fighting chance.

This knife pays homage to that never say die spirit and borrows its lines and overall shape from the classic Bowie knives carried by the men who tamed this harsh and deadly environment.

Made from Cable Damascus high carbon steel and deferentially hardened, this ample blade is sure to hold up for years of service. The Caddo Bowie features a locally sourced Black Walnut handle. Black Walnut not only provides a great grip but is also a natural antibacterial surface and will not contaminate foods, meats, and does not require special disinfectant soaps after food prep or skinning duties (though it’s always a good idea to properly clean your knife). The hand-forged quillon guard provides good protection during vigorous tasks or sword fighting (according to Col. Bowie).

Dressed up with an acid etched blade patina, hand forged naval bronze quillon guard, naturally finished black walnut handle, and tooled leather sheath, this lady is ready to go.

Overall Length – 12 3/4 inches

Blade – 7 inches

Handle – 5 1/4 inches

Quillon guard – Naval Bronze

Leather sheath by Clay Hamil Saddlery.

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